Hamburg Steinway vs. New York Steinway: The REAL differences

Everyone knows about the brand name Steinway. It’s like Kleenex, or Google. There’s a dozen other fabulous, expensive pianos made in the world—and only a single digit percentage—perhaps 5%—know any other piano brand at all, with the possible exception of that Asian brand that begins with a Y… There’s another difference that piano people, but […]

Our Next Custom-Made Piano…

… Will be ready by the time I get back from teaching at the National Piano Technicians Guild Conference in Denver this next week – – – we’re just doing the final finish and action tweaks, and I will do my final days of work in the last days of July. This basically new piano is built […]

Weird Magic: How the room affects piano sound and feel

I just had another stark “experience replaces belief” thing happen. Last week I sat down and played a 1993 Steinway “L,” really listened to it, felt it, “grokked” it, as I’ve learned to do so quickly after 40 years. Normal living room, carpet underneath, nice spacious house, nice mix of hard and soft surfaces. The piano sounded […]