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2002 Custom Bösendorfer 200 6’7” Ebony Polish Grand Piano

Price: $69,995.00 $49,500.00

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Every once in a while something happens to you that seems like a coincidence…but something inside you says “this is more than just random…”

So it is with this Bösendorfer 200. When it was new, in 2003, I set it up, with precise regulation, tuning, and voicing, in the owner's home. He traveled to the factory showroom in Vienna, and selected this piano out of a lineup of four…then ordered it with custom all-chrome fittings.

About eight years ago, I lost touch with this unique instrument; then, last month, it found me, and now I can offer it to you. A piano that's 16 years young, and in truly original showroom condition, is exceedingly rare…but here it is.

This is one of the finest Bösendorfers I've ever come across: huge bass, shimmering, singing, sustaining treble, and a rich sonorous tone throughout.

New retail on this piano is $136,000, and at over 60% less than that, is a tremendous  price-to-value ratio.

• Showroom condition
• Full 10-year limited warranty
• Custom chrome hardware
• California piano since new
• Tuned and maintained regularly
• Includes free artist bench

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